Bad exceptions after upgrading to latest DA

I have an application that has been working for weeks, that uses a DA client lib that has been in production for years. Now, i’m getting the following type of errors when I run my app:


Method not found: ‘RemObjects.DataAbstract.Linq.LinqRemoteDataAdapter lpv8oelib.DataModule.get_DataAdapter()’.

I get this when I try to instantiate a new DA datamodule.

there is NO get_DataAdapter in the datamodule code for my client lib. Has something major changed?

again, using DA and Elements

More info…

I installed the previous release - 1467, rebuilt my class lib and app - works fine. No errors like with 1469


Do you by change have a .exe and .dlls as part of your solution, and if so, could it be that some parts got build against the old version of DA while some against the new one?


This is the usual sign of the ‘.NET Reference Hell’. A part of your solution was rebuilt using new version while some project were left untouched. VS doesn’t always detect that referenced assemblies were changed.

Another sing of the same issue is the ‘License Not Found’ exception on previously working app.

The worst thing is that just issuing the Rebuild command in VS doesn’t always help because its build system still tires to reuse existing obj files.

The solution is to manually delete /obj folders from your project folders. This will force full rebuild and the issue will be gone.

This is how accessing the DataModule.DataAdapter property looks like on the lower .NET level.


I undertand your point, but all my referenced DLLs are also projects in my big solution, so doing a full rebuild (which I did) rebuilds the DLLs too, and copies them to the bin\debug folder.

I did the same exact thing when I installed 1467, and it just worked.

FYI for the record I had been using a version of Elements EARLIER than 1467, so the original DLLs were built with an earlier version, so my rebuild with 1467 worked.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, its possible I messed something up with 1469, but this is how I remember things.


Or to make sure to not use legacy Echoes project system. EBuild will handle this property, for rebuild.