Bad format on output json

I have this format in the output string


I checked the json output on my server function code and have not this slashes.

Some process in the middle time modifies the string output. Theres anyway to solve por parametrize this behaviour?

Edit: this code fix the problem

FWIW, while i don’t understand the excact problem, as the sample you provided does not have any slashes I can see, this fix seems fundamentally bad/wrong. quotes inside string literals will need escaping, e.g.

("Message": "Peter Says \"Hello\""}

Hi Marc,
The problem is RO add to json labels the (") string. have no idea why. Then the parser add escape to everything, including the " in the labels.



after my changes


the first string is not a valid json, second string is valid json

checked on

This looks like it’s a Json message contained INSIDE a string, in which case the escaping is correct?



with quotes is not valid Json, as it’s a plain string that closes after the first {, followed by garbage.

The initial and ending quotes are added for the parser, not in the original string. The original string is an output from the ro json parser, btw.

The original string , adding quotes to label, is the output of RO json parser and is unnecessary and a problem , actually, because this is the only cause of slashes to escape. The only quote required is a string data in json

Then I guess more context is needed for where this is happening? Whoever adds the surrounding quotes is also (rightfully) adding the escaping. Dropping the escaping for quotes is not the right fix. the question is, who is re-quoting your Json message string… there’s zero context in your post to go on, for that…

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Sorry, you are right, my bad.

Will send the project to support and the postman methods to test.
In the meantime will format output format by hand

Best regards.