Bad handling of multi-condition if statements with initial nil check

In .2435 I am suddenly getting NullPointer crashes when doing a multi-condition if check where the initial check is for null state.

var sTest: String;
if (sTest <> nil) and (sTest.length() > 0) then

I get a crash on sTest.length() since sTest is nil.

I did skip a couple releases, so I’m not sure which exact build this popped up in. It worked for me in .2425 but now does not in .2435.

Sorry, previous test case was bad. Here’s a simple test case: (14.6 KB)

Thanks, logged as bugs://83184

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This was a very curious bug that’s been there for a while but never really showed when using constant nils. If you want a quick fix, grab latest:

compile it, and copy the cooper.jar file it builds in C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Elements\References\Cooper

Your project will work fine then.

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bugs://83184 got closed with status fixed.

Looks good now, thanks Carlo!