Bandwidth monitoring

Hello Remobjects team,

I’d like to monitor how many bytes of TCP data a TROSynapseSuperTCPChannel is sending and receiving over the internet, because we need to buy cellular internet with sufficient (but not excessive) GB’s. I’m using the TROBinMessage with data compression enabled.

Would the channel’s callbacks “OnSendStream()” and “OnReceiveStream()” give me usable results? I realize that I must add a certain percentage for TCP overhead.

There is additional overhead related to keep-alive pings sent between clients and servers every 30 seconds. Another overhead is that in case of unstable connection channels will try to reestablish connection - this also means traffic consumption.

Main advantage of super-… channels is that such events are received immediately, while non-super channels use poll model to receive server-sent events. In case your server doesn’t need to send events to clients you could consider to use channels with more predictable load - ie simple Http or Tcp channels.