Big Delphi 7 app porting to Delphi 11.x


I need to porting a very large application developed with Delphi 7 to the latest version of Delphi (11.x)
Since I can’t stop development, the idea I have is to start converting module by module using Hydra.

The problem is that I can’t use packages at runtime as they are two different versions so I have to opt for a package-free solution.

I don’t need to share classes or objects as modules are meant to be self-contained. The only data I share is integer values or strings. The only thing I need is the ability to notify an event (as mentioned the data will be integers or strings) between the plugin and the host (and vice versa).

Both the host application and the plugins will use the DevExpress suite and other components but clearly in different versions as in Delphi 7 it is not possible to install the latest versions.

Is this thing possible? If you can give me some directions?

Thank you very much and best regard


this is possible.
Look at cross-platform interfaces (Hydra.Core.Interfaces.pas).
You can load cross-platform plugins with LoadUnmanagedCrossPlatformModule method of ModuleManager.
as a result, your Delphi 11 host can load Delphi 7 plugins w/o runtime packages


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Thank you very much EvgenyK!

Tha same is possible if the host is Delphi 7 and all plugins in Delphi 11.x?

Have you a sample to start?

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Check the Cross Platform sample

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