Breakpoint functionality of the ScriptEngine


In the download of the ScriptEngine there is a debugger as a sample, but it has the breakpoint implementation broken. How create the markers in the editor? How incorporate the breakpoints to the engine? Would you be so kind to complete the example?

Thank you.

Thank you for the report

I have logged this as 49183. Once we fix this issue (ie add Breakpoint implementation) we will upload fix to and notify you via this thread

Thank you for your prompt answer.

There is also missing a sample on how to expose a type (lets say DataTable) to the script and how to use it from the script

See information about exposing type in the corresponding thread.
As for the breakpoint functionality - this will be a change in the sample (not in the Script itself) that will use DebugTracePoint event of the EcmaScriptComponent to determine moment to pause script execution.