Breakpoint not resolved (Fire

I updated my iphone 6 to 12.5.5 and have problem , breakpoint not resolved.
I did everything cleaning, rebuilding nothing helps.
On simulator all works fine but I need to test it on physical device because API only works there.
My Fire version is (develop), built on gazorpazorp, 20211230-213804
Breakpoints in XCode works fine.
Build log here :
buildlog.txt (7.2 MB)

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I tried with simple app and works. The problem is related to Realm.framework and IOS 12.5.5. - crash was before everything else… but I had problem with catching it.

Hmm, I’m afraid we’ll need to narrow this down a bit.

So a regular new app from templates, breakpoints work? In your real app, no BPs work, or just specific ones don’t? Is GenerateDebugSymbols set on, same as in the dummy app?

GenerateDebugsymbols is set to on… works with breakpoints on ios 14.
Marc.i will test it one more time on older version ios and new one and give you my opinion related. To. My bigger app which has third party framework, my ios lib and shared library.

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Thanx. can you also take note: the BP you’re setting, is that code in the main app, or in the library?

This breakpoint was in Appdelegate main app module.

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Ok, “good”. i wonder if the mere presence of one of the two external libs somehow affects symbols.

One thing to try might be referencing one or both of the two libs (yours, and/or Realms) from the project where the BP works, and see if it continues to work?

I did IT and as i wrote realm
Framework give me Access violation on 12.5.5 after adding only reference on 14.3 simulator all works fine. I set breakpoint in Appdelegate but app did’n get in - on 14 works.
I have to investigate tomorrow or maybe you have some advice?
I need physical device to debug some code because API works only on physical device but i get only 6 with 12.5.5 tomorrow i will get 10 with 14 and i will try.

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Can you clarify? a bit this is a bit confusing :wink:

In steps:
1.simple app
2.adding reference to realm
3.deploy on 12.5.5 physical device iphone 6 setting breakpoint in appdelegate - didn’t get in during runnig i have Access violation only
The same things on ios 14 simulator works ok.
SO i wrote that maybe it is related to framework bug - i don`t know exactly.
I’m still learning ios.

Hmm, okay. i don’t have a 12.x device left, but i can try and test on a newer device. I take it you didn’t have a newer device to test no (and not that the issue doesn’t repro on a device with iOS 14/15)?

can you send me the app & the referenced Realm framework (ideally the binary and the imported .fx)?


I will get newer physical device tomorrow and will test it and give you note about results.

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Can be this. Error related to physical device only not simulator is any chance or os version only?

I’d be 99.9% this is not related to the device type/age, but either

  • Simulator vs. Device (no matter what iOS version or what hardware) — my money is 80% on this one


  • iOS 12 vs. 14 (and later)

Related to my realm Framework or debugger, what do you think?

Both/either. My gut feeling is, adding the framework has some effect that disturbs the debug symbols or throws the debugger off otherwise, but only on Device, not Simulator.

Maybe this Access violation is effect of this?

Ok. I will try on ios 14 and give you note as i wrote and we will See.

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it shouidln’t. but after an AV things can get dicey. who knows, maybe your code ISN’T hit. hard to say without seeing the code…

if you set a BP before the line that causes the AV, does that one hit?

I didn’t write any line of code. only add reference to Realm Framework and breakpoint in appdelegate. That is all…
Access violation is raised during runnig… I will try tomorrow in release version and i will check it.

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