Breakpoints not resolving when debugging on phone

When debugging on my iphone breakpoints never resolve. In the editor while debugging it just says “breakpoint not resolved”


Care to share any more concrete details? Any app, or a specific one? What version of Xcode/iOS?

I think its any app.

iOS 13.4 and xcode 11.4

Any message in the build log, when you launch, abc not having debugging support for iOS 13.4 yet and needing to connect the device to Xcode or the like? What happens when yo launch Xcode’s Devices window and connect the phone; doe sit say “ready” or does it start downloading symbols?

This is from the end of the installation in the build log

Installation progress: 85% PostflightingApplication
Installation progress: 90% SandboxingApplication
Installation progress: 95% GeneratingApplicationMap
Deployment of app bundle successful.
SymbolsFolder=/Users/JohnMoshakis/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/13.4 (17E255)/Symbols
Running /Applications/ --debug eb34a74df36f9f7a1029a745fecf975434b3d7e9 44535
RemObjects Elements CrossBoxHelper 1.42: Starting Debug Server on Device

Waiting for device: eb34a74df36f9f7a1029a745fecf975434b3d7e9
SymbolsFolder=/Users/JohnMoshakis/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/13.4 (17E255)/Symbols
Developer disk image found in /Applications/
Setup progress: 30% Looking up DeveloperDiskImage.dmg
Setup progress: 95% Developer disk image mounted successfully
Debugserver available on port 44535
Connection from remote debugger established.

For the second question, where should it say ready ?

Ok, that looks good.

Well, it wont literally say “ready”.eithe it’ll say it needs to download support, or it wont and it will just show the device…

I’ll see if I can repro the BP issue here locally, later today then…

I assume tis is device only, simulator is fine? whats type/model the phone?

yes the simulator is fine. Its an 8 plus.

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Hi , I have the same problem on my IPhone 6 on simulator all works fine.
Any direction ?

FTR, I’m getting

Failed _shouldMakeReadyForDevelopment check even though device is not locked by passcode.

in Xcode too, so thats probably entirely unrelated to anything.

And I can repro that breakpoints down resolve :(.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84176

I turned connect via network off and on again and that removed the error message.

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Found the problem, so hopefully a fix is immanent (i.e. today)

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Cool. Could you do a Fire build after ?

Planning to, yes. :wink:

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Sorry, ran into another bug after this that I only got fixed just now; all’s good now but it’s probably too late to still get Fire out, by the time I have a new core build. Will do a new Fire for you in the morning.

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Up on there Experimental channel now, 2502.

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Thanks. Its working now.

Do you know why this is being reported ?

!> Note: No symbols were found for this OS version. Connect your device to Xcode and open the Devices window (⇧⌘2).

I wonder if thats related to the other issue we had.

bugs://84176 got closed with status fixed.