Bug CC doesn't see namespaces defined in className

The class

Namespace x
uses System;
type x.y.x = public class;

When I am in namespace x in another file, I don’t see “namespace” y.
To see y in the CC, I have to type: x. -> only then y is displayed.

I believe Oxygene doesn’t do sub-namespaces like that, so “y” would not be visible inside “x”, as it is in VB (or C#)

That means I need 2 files for My

Why? You could just use the full name inside the My, where needed? What are you trying to accomplish?

That I can type My in Mercury and VB.
In Oxyxgene I have to type now [namespace].My because My is not seen as a namespace and does not compile.

Wait, maybe an other option.

Edit: Works :smile:

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