Bug in delphi bpl to fx file converter

It seems you have a bug in importing nested type aliases in delphi classes.
The declaration of those type aliases is sometimes omitting the class name.
As an example: Delphi 11 REST.Backend.Providers exposes two classes with an embedded alias type ‘TExecuteProc’

TBackendAPIThread<T: class> = class(TBackendAPIThread)
public type
TExecuteProc = TProc;


TBackendServiceComponent<TI: IBackendService; T: Class> = class(TBackendServiceComponent)
public type
TExecuteProc = TProc;

this maps to

Delphi.REST.Backend.Providers.TExecuteProc = assembly Delphi.System.SysUtils.TProc;
Delphi.REST.Backend.Providers.TExecuteProc = assembly Delphi.System.SysUtils.TProc;

in the HeaderImporter translated pas file.
(Notice the two same occurences, this is no typo).

This should be something like this:

Delphi.REST.Backend.Providers.TBackendAPIThread1.TExecuteProc = assembly Delphi.System.SysUtils.TProc; Delphi.REST.Backend.Providers.TBackendServiceComponent2.TExecuteProc = assembly Delphi.System.SysUtils.TProc;

Note that this is no problem with the pas file generator, it it seen also in the generated xml file.

Best Regards

Thanx! which version (and platform) of Delphi are you importing where you see this?

Logged as bugs://E26896.

bugs://E26896 was closed as fixed.