Bug in Schema Modeler RODA 9.7 - RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi, Server Edition -

Good morning!

When updating to the latest version of RODA 9.7, an error occurs in the Schema Modeler.
My work environment is:

SELECT Cast(I.cod_item AS BIGINT) AS "Product_id", 
       I.descripcion              AS "Model", 
       ad.descripcion_d           AS "Name", 
       ( R."ParentId" )           AS "ParentId", 
       ( R."CategoryId" )         AS "CategoryId", 
       COALESCE(L.id_lista, 1)    AS "Customer_group_id", 
       cast(LP.precio as Float)                  AS "Price", 
         WHEN I.imagen IS NULL THEN '' 
         ELSE 'Catalog/Demo/' 
              || ( I.cod_item ) 
              || '_1.jpg' 
       END                        AS "Image", 
       I.observaciones            AS "Description", 
       COALESCE(ST.stock, 0.0)    AS "Stock", 
         WHEN I.inactivo = 'S' THEN 1 
         WHEN I.inactivo = 'N' THEN 0 
         ELSE 0 
       END                        AS "Status", 
       Date_Modified              AS "DateModified"
FROM   items I 
       JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT cod_item, 
                             Cast(date_modified AS DATE) AS Date_Modified 
             FROM   repl$opencart_items_view 
             WHERE  replicated = 'N' 
                    AND date_modified > :DateModified) REPL 
         ON REPL.cod_item = I.cod_item 
       JOIN articulos_discriminados AD 
         ON I.cod_item = AD.cod_item 
            AND I.id_empresa = AD.id_empresa 
       JOIN vm_categorias R 
         ON I.cod_rubro = R."Category_Master" 
       LEFT JOIN listas L 
              ON L.id_lista = 1 
                 AND L.id_empresa = I.id_empresa 
       LEFT JOIN listasprecios LP 
              ON AD.cod_item = LP.cod_item 
                 AND AD.id_tipo_subcodigo1 = LP.id_tipo_subcodigo1 
                 AND AD.id_subcodigo1 = LP.id_subcodigo1 
                 AND AD.id_tipo_subcodigo2 = LP.id_tipo_subcodigo2 
                 AND AD.id_subcodigo2 = LP.id_subcodigo2 
                 AND AD.id_empresa = LP.id_empresa 
                 AND LP.id_lista = 1 
       LEFT JOIN stock ST 
              ON AD.cod_item = ST.cod_item 
                 AND AD.id_tipo_subcodigo1 = ST.id_tipo_subcodigo1 
                 AND AD.id_subcodigo1 = ST.id_subcodigo1 
                 AND AD.id_tipo_subcodigo2 = ST.id_tipo_subcodigo2 
                 AND AD.id_subcodigo2 = ST.id_subcodigo2 
                 AND AD.id_empresa = ST.id_empresa 
WHERE  REPL.date_modified >= :DateModified 
GROUP  BY "Product_id", 

I enclose the sql statement that maybe has some unsupported join.

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can you send tables DDL that used in this request to support@, pls?

Hello EvgenyK,

Thanks for the reply. I will send you the structures of the tables and views as soon as possible.

See you later

EvgenyK, I just sent you the email with the DDL tables and views.


I’ve tried to open your SQL with FireDAC driver and it works as expected.

Can you specify what driver you have used?

Good morning EvgenyK,

In general, I always use the IBX driver. In the following image corresponds with the previous version of RODA
The IBX driver, is being deprecated an discontinued in the latest version?


I send you more images of what the previous version does.

Best regards

what FireBird version you are using? my IBX doesn’t accept connection to FB 2.5 …

also you can launch server in debug mode and open this request. it should show place and callstack where is original error was raised

Maybe I’m a bit outdated with the Firebird versions.
I have been using Firebird for a long time.
Maybe it’s time to update myself?

Thank you for the attention you give me, EvgenyK.

Note: you can’t use IBX anymore because it will raise error like connection rejected by remote interface.
By other hand, you can use FireDAC, that is shipped with Delphi …


I accept your answer. I’m going to try Firedac and the latest version of RODA 9.7
If you want we can close the ticket.
Any other incident will generate another issue.

Thanks for your time.
Best regards.