Bug: Oxygene event handling in Wasm causes a "EC Cannot Simplify Identifier" error

The project to reproduce: Module8 2.bugreport.zip (1.2 MB)

The build log: Module8 2.bugreport.txt (14.1 KB)

Print screen of the error:

Thanks, logged as bugs://85712

Thanks, logged as bugs://85713

Update: The code was in error, but this compiler error should not have occurred.

The correct code would have been:

MyButton_Events.Click += @MyButton_Click

And the coorect error would have been:

There is no property named “Click” on MyButton.

I’m wondering if we can improve this.

if WithEvents_HtmlButtonElement impplements HtmlButtonElement, how about we simply change Button from the HtmlButtonElement interface to the WithEvents_HtmlButtonElement class, so e can have both on one variable? would that be feasible?

It doesn’t implement it, it just hold a reference to it …

we could expose that, via “Implements”?

We might need a Mercury syntax for that (or convert this to Oxygene), but in Oxygene its possible to do the equivalent iff:

  Public Class WithEvents_HTMLButtonElement
    Inherits WithEvents_HTMLElement
    Implements HTMLButtonElement

    Public shadows readonly Property HtmlElement As HTMLButtonElement Implements HTMLButtonElement
        Return DirectCast(MyBase.HtmlElement, HTMLButtonElement)
      End Get
    End property
  End Class

note the Implements HTMLButtonElement on the property. that “forwards” the entire interface

It should inherit I think, but The element class is an interface for dynamic access of the JS properties, while element_events is a class that implements events.

I am afraid that this is incompatible …

I think it would be , with the forwarder.

instead of

  Protected Property Body As HTMLBodyElement = TryCast(document.body, HTMLBodyElement)
  Private Dim WithEvents Body_Events As WithEvents_HTMLBodyElement = New WithEvents_HTMLBodyElement(Me.Body)

wed just fo

  Unit Property __Body As HTMLBodyElement = TryCast(document.body, HTMLBodyElement)
  Private Dim WithEvents Body As WithEvents_HTMLBodyElement = New WithEvents_HTMLBodyElement(Me.__Body)

and since WithEvents_HTMLBodyElement now implements HTMLBodyElement, all the properties are available on it, plus the events.

without event support,we just generate it the old way, as the interface, as just the properties will be available…

That would be a nice solution !

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bugs://85713 got closed with status fixed.

bugs://85712 got closed with status fixed.