Build error in Hydra module project due to file 'licenses.licx'

When building my managed Hydra project, I get an exception in the build from Elements version 2705 on: ‘Process is terminated due to StackOverflowExceptions’. Previous versions generate the build without errors. The problem probably occurs in connection with the resource licenses.licx. What could be the cause? In the appendix the build log from Waters with version 2709 (as example).

Hi Baptist,

is there a chance i could see the fill call build log? is there anything below the last “Stack Overflow” message seen in the screenshot? Also, just in case (since license generation also involves the compiler), could you retest with the latest version of Elements?


Hi Marc,
I’m not Baptist, I’m Volker and I’m sorry for the delay.

So I tested with the last version from the stable branch ( and got the same error. After the StackOverflowException line there are no more lines in the Build Log.

The last version, which builds our project is version With the next version I get a more descriptive error message than StackOverflowException, see screenshot. So in the moment I can not upgrade to newer versions of Elements and have to stay with

Normally I build the project in Visual Studio. There the error message is even less meaningful, There is an error in MSBuild, which could not be more specified, see screenshot.

What do you mean, with

Which more information do you need to solve the problem?
Best regards

Hi Marc,
here the screenshot of the error message with Elements

Hi. My apologies; I’m not sure what happened there, I must have gotten two similar threads crossed. :see_no_evil:. What’s odd though, when i search the forum users for the name Baptist, all it comes up with is your account. Very strange…

I will see if i can reproduce this. Can you by any chance send me a/the project that shows this, just nin case i can’t reproduce it from scratch?

Ah. in Water, can you open Tools|Preferences, and on the third tap, at the very top, set the Build Log Verbosity to the highest level? Then please toa rebuild (Control-Shift-B) and send me the full build log (same as in the red screenshot above, except it will have way more info) — ideally as text, and not as screenshot. thanx!

That said, the second/newer error pretty much invalidates me needing this log. We’ll try to repro this here first.

I’m afraid i can reproduce neither the stack overflow nor the NRE, with the latest shipping Hydra and latest Elements :(. I created a new Host Application from the template and it builds fine.

Any chance i could see your project as a test case? thanx!

Hi Marc,

to clarify NRH exception happens with Elements, newer versions 11 of Elements throw the StackOverflow exception.
For compatibility reasons I don’t use the newest hydra version, but version
With new simple projects I don’t have any problems.
I believe the problem with my main project is due in the processing of the licenses, perhaps specifically on my computer. Without the property file “licenses.licx” or changing the build action of this file to another option than “embedded resource” the project builds fine, but than I get a runtime error.
Perhaps you can have a look at our licences file and test under the same conditions?
How can I send the project to you in a private channel?
Best regards

Ah okay. either way, I can reproduce neither :(.

That makes sense, the error happens while processing this, so if you disable it, you bypass the part that fails. But yes, you do need tis processed.

If you could send your license file(s) and your/a project to, that would be great. I think the issue will be the project, not the licenses.

Also, just for fun, can you try if this persists with the latest Hydra 1291?

Out of curiosity, what compatibility reasons prevent you from using that? (and chances are whatever the fix will be, yo’ll need a new version f either Hydra or Elements, anyways).

Hi Marc,

i was able to solve the error.

My module uses assemblies from an external program library. This program library is available in different versions, all of which must be supported. The assemblies were therefore referenced in the project via a local folder that was simply exchanged for the different versions. With the version that was installed on the computer at the same time and whose assemblies were in the GAC, this error now occurs during the build. Up to version of Elements there were no bugs with this workflow.

Now when building against the different versions of the program library, I have to ensure that one of these versions is not installed at the same time.



glad to hear! are you all good now indefinitely, or do you think this is still something we need to try and reproduce/solve on our end, long term?

I think, it is ok. We can close the issue.

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