Build error in Hydra module project with newer Elements versions

With new Elements versions (behind i can no longer build my Hydra module project. In Visual Studio 2019 or 2022 I get an undefined error (MSB4181):

Building with Water throws an StackOverflow exception:

I think the reason for this is in my license file. Without the license file, the project can be built, but then of course there are runtime errors due to missing license.

What can I do?

This sounds like a license compiler bug. Could you send us the full project?


Hi marc,
I will send you a test project, which produces also the error together with my license file.
I used the following program versions:

RemObjects Hydra -
RemObjects Elements with Water
Visual Studio Professional 2022

I errors in VS and Water are the same as in my first post.


I have send my test project together with license file to

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Is there already a solution to this problem? I would like to switch to the latest version of Visual Studio, but the error in the Echoes build prevents this.

My sincerest apologies for the delay, i will chase this up with the team and make sure you get a reply tomorrow.



hmm, I don’t see any email from you in support@ for last month.
Can you resend it, pls?

note: you can PM on this forum to support team or to me


I can’t reproduce this issue with the latest Elements build.
Can you retest it with .2839, pls?