Build error when including Firebase Crashlytics

Elements consistently fails to resolve the import, failing on this error:

The process cannot access the file ‘C:\Users\mattr\AppData\Local\RemObjects Software\EBuild\Packages\Gradle\javax/inject/javax/inject\1\javax.inject-1.pom’ because it is being used by another process

I’ve tried clean & build, rebuild, etc., and it fails on the same error every time.

Here’s a sample project: (2.5 MB)

Hmm. this could be a race condition between reference resolving and building. possibly. Can you try:

  • shut down Water
  • delete the “javax/inject/javax/inject” folder
  • start Water
  • wait for the references to be resolved (you can see the log/progress when selecting the References node)
  • then build.

If this fixes it, I know what the fix is (logging); if not, we need to investigate further.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://84097

That was it. Waiting for refs to resolve avoids the error. Thanks!

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