Building a Windows console application from macOS Fire

I’ve only just started using the Fire IDE on macOS with your Swift implementation. I have a solution that contains two projects - a macOS console application and a Windows console application. Both just print hello world.

When I click build, I get a compiled binary for macOS. Great.

What I can’t figure out is what I have to do in order to build the Windows console application. The dropdown menu to choose a build target is greyed out for Windows:

The larger dropdown menu at the top gives me these options:

Is CrossBox something that needs installing or setting up in order to build a Windows binary from macOS?

Sorry for asking such a basic question.

The dropdown selects the active project, which is the project that will run when you hit Debug. Since you cannot run the Windows app on Mac, it will be unavailable (similarly, any static libraries, for exa please, can not be run, and thus won’t be selectable).

the Windows project should still build and generate an .exe for you, when you hit ⌘B.

You can read more about CrossBox at There’;s nothing that needs to be installed per se, you just need a SSH connection to a Windows (in your case) machine.

Note that this is only needed to run/debug your Windows app from the Mac. If you just want to build (and manually deploy it), no CrossBox connection is needed.

Not at all!


Yep. My bad. It was in a different folder than I had checked. Wonderful.

Thanks for the link to CrossBox. Very comprehensive - I shall set it up.

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