Bulk update TDAMemDataTable

I need to have bulk update the data in TDAMemDataTable. For example, I want to update 3 dimensions information for range of carton boxes (from Carton# 10 to Carton# 100) under over 4000 carton boxes. How can I do? I can’t using update command to update those records because it is under edit stage without click “Save” button.


What do you mean under Save button?
you can perform update data via cloned tables if main table in Edit state…

User edits carton box dimension records that using the range carton numbers. How to update the information by bulk update? Suppose the records should keeping in cache mode until user click “Save” button to “ApplyUpdates”.


ApplyUpdates means that changes will be send to server.

so you have changes on client-side only.

you can update data manually in memdatatable with

for i:=0 to 4000-1 do begin

I don’t want to use “for…loop”. The efficiency is not good. Because it has over 10K carton boxes per customer order.


on client-side you can do it only via loop
on server-side you can do it via SQL like UPDATE ...

Noted with thanks.

Would you consider to implement new feature that support client-side SQL update in future? Then it should help many guys to improve the data handling in client-side.


Looks like I misread you.
Check TDARemoteCommand .