Business rules script

IDE : Delphi XE8
Version : Server Edition

Function “beforeProcessDeltaChange”

I am trying to keep history changes to database records.
To verify modification i use this code.

if (change.isUpdate == true) {
   var I = 0;    		
   for (I = 0; I < change.count; I++) {
         log(change.OldValues[I] +' - '+ change.NewValues[I]);

But i need the field name, is any function to get the field name ?

Another question is any example how to use the funtion getField ?
I want to ignore datetime field.



you can grab this from delta object and process it in loop like

   for (I = 0; I < delta.fieldCount; I++) {
        // log("["+i+"].index='"+delta.getField(I).index);

Thank you !