I am trying to make some tests using the Even Sinks tech but the _Intf code generated can’t be compiled with C++Builder, I get this kind of errors, for instance:

[bcc32c Error] LbrTest_Intf.cpp(435): 'LbrTest::_di_IESTest' (aka 'DelphiInterface<LbrTest::IESTest>') is not a reference or pointer
[bcc32c Error] LbrTest_Intf.cpp(445): 'TESTest_Invoker' does not refer to a value
  LbrTest_Intf.h(230): declared here

I’m using version

Here is a small test case that shows the issue. The _Intf and so on files were generated by Service Builder directly.

Pruebas Event Sinks.7z (13.2 KB)

Thanks in advance,


almost fixed.
only one issue is detected:

[bcc32c Error] LbrTest_Invk.cpp(68): member 'ExcludeSender' found in multiple base classes of different types
  Uroeventrepository.hpp(311): member found by ambiguous name lookup
  Uroclientintf.hpp(250): member found by ambiguous name lookup

it detects ExcludeSender in IROEventWriter and TROEventWriter.

how to say compiler, that this is interface and his implementation, I don’t know…
have you caught similar issues with C++Builder?



Thank you Evgeny,

I’ll look at the fixed example you sent via DM ASAP.

I’m just looking that for some reason the title of this thread is just C++Builder. Sorry! I must have pasted something after writing it because I try to make the subjects much better than that :confused:

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