Call Remobjects on Swift Xcode


I’m a beginner in Swift

I have two files generated by RO Service Importer

- Prueba_Intf.swift

- Prueba_ServerAcess.swift

Generally in C#, I call the server with code:

RPIntegraServicios.RPIntegraService service = new RPIntegraServicios.RPIntegraService();
  Date Fecha = servicio.Fecha();

But in Swift I can’t get it.

I tried:
var Servicio = Service1_Proxy.init()
var Nvardat : Date? = Servicio.self.Fecha()

but i get: libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type ROPropertyValidationException


Do you happen to get a stack trace or actual error message for this exception? this seems to be unrelated to Swift, just something general going wrong inside the SDK. Looking thri the code, there’s a few instances that throw this exception, all with proper error messages such as “Target URL now assigned” or “Channel not assigned”.

This seems wrong, on its own — surely the service needs to be configured more with an URL or with a channel/message, eg

var Servicio = Service1_Proxy.init(targetURL: ..., servicename: ...)


in my Prueba_ServerAcess.swift i have already the server url defined but i try with:

var servicio = Service1_Proxy.init(url: URL(string: “”)!)

and its working, thanks.

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glad to hear!