Calls to fatalError fail

In the SwiftBaseLibrary file Functions.swift, there are two overloaded fatalError functions:

@noreturn public func fatalError(file: String = #file, line: UInt32 = #line)
@noreturn public func fatalError(_ message: @autoclosure () -> String, file: String = #file, line: UInt32 = #line) -> Never

For some reason, when I call fatalError("bad scolding"), the compiler tries to invoke the first one and not the matching second one:

E: Parameter labels do not match. Parameter 1 is unlabeled, but should should be labeled "file" in call to "func fatalError(# file: String, # line: UInt32)"

I’m using Fire (develop) and targeting WebAssembly. I didn’t test other platforms yet.

Curious. I’ll log so someone can take a look.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84388

bugs://84388 got closed with status fixed.