Can I delete the delta?

(tobygroves) #1

Ok strange request here, please don’t ask me why I need to do this.

I need to delete the delta on a table without applying or cancelling changes.

Basically I want to clear the delta, as if no changes have been made. I can’t call ApplyUpdates as I don’t want to apply them to the back end, nor can I call CancelUpdates as this reverts the changes in my client table.

Is there a way I can just bin the delta and nothing else?

(tobygroves) #2
.Delta.Clear would seem to be doing what I want - is it that simple?

(EvgenyK) #3

you can apply your changes w/o creating a delta change:

table.LogChanges := False;
// do something
table.LogChanges := True;

Delta.Clear will work too.

(tobygroves) #4

Ok thanks. Ironically I actually need the delta but then need to delete it.