Can I made a Hydra host using Island?

Is it doable to have a Hydra host in Island, while accessing a Hydra visual plugin in .NET?

I need Island to do some computation stuff, which require a lightweight GUI for configuration etc. The GUI part is very minimal, hence I would like the GUI part in a Hydra plugin using WinForms.

Or terms otherwise, what is the best way to Interop an Island Host, with Oxygene WinWinForm?

P.S. I don’t want to use Island Delphi VCL, since this is a brand new application from scratch with no legacy Delphi code involved.

I’m afraid right now we only support Island for plugins, not host apps. It’s doable, but it build be a good chunk of work (essentially porting the Delphi version of the (non-visual) host infrastructure), and so far the has been the first/only request for this…

I’ll have a chat with there Hydra team though.

That said, the distinction of what’s host and whats plugin is really arbitrary, especially if the GUI isn’t mixed but single platform (ie WinForms). Would it no be feasible to build your core app as an Island plugin and then load it into a WinForms host?


My core app itself is already an Island DLL (plugin) to a C++ host.

I was inquiring the BEST practice to access some .NET GUI stuff from inside the Island DLL, and see if any users have been in the same situation.

I guess - probably the best way is via COM inter-op - i.e., wrap up the .NET stuff as a COM, and then access it from Island side.

And this boils down to a COM importer for Island :slight_smile: