Can I use the C# Elements compiler to build a dylib?

Is it possible to build a native dylib using C#?

I’m asking because I have written a scripting language in an obscure language (Xojo) but it’s a bit slow. I am thinking of porting it to C# using Elements. If I could build it as a dylib I would then be able to embed it in my larger Xojo app as a plugin. Is this possible?

Sure thing — use the Dynamic Library project template to get started.

Awesome - I knew Elements wouldn’t let me down.

Presumably this can be compiled to native code so it doesn’t depend on the .NET runtime if I write it in C# if I use the Elements RTL?

If you use the Cocoa project template, it will be a native macOS .dylib, yes, not a .NET library. And of course you can use Elements RTL for that, yes


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