Can I use Water+Silver to run swift scripts or swift individual files instead of projects/solutions?

Currently Water asks you to create/import a project from the templates. I’d first like to be more familiar with swift by solving some coding problems from internet and then later on, I’d like to dive deeper into project development.
Also, are there any plans to support python/data science on Elements with swift?

If these requests are selected to be released with future updates, then how’d I know that my desired features are available with water+silver?

You will always need a project to compile, because asside form the source code, the project provides a lot of information, such as what platform to target, what references to pull in, etc. Allowing to build individual files would essentially mean having to pass a whole bunch of stuff to the compiler by hand — and that’s what the project is for.

The best option for your scenario would be to just use a simple “Command Line” project, and then build your file in that context.

What exactly would you be looking for here?

Each build we ship has a details change log, and we also summarize feature highlights at