Can not place the cursor between two "C"


I am using latest VS 2022 community preview.

The issue is, for example, I can not use the mouse to let the cursor on the green position.

The cursor can only on:


To let the cursor on the green position in the first figure, I can only use the mouse to let the cursor after (“Hello”); and then press Enter.

This bug is quite annoyed when using Element in Visual Studio, could you fix it? Thanks.

There should be an option in Visual Studio’s editor settings, “Enable Virtual Space”, that allows this. See Full screen and virtual space mode - Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Docs.

Hi mh,

Yes, but it’s already enabled.

Hmm. the [-] would indicate it’s only enabled for some languages, not all?

Hello. Could you please check if RemObjects C# text editor has the Enable vistual space enabled in your VS2022.

Thanks for the reply.

It does not have an independent control for RemObjects C# .

I uncheck and then check this settings, and it shows √, then the issue gone.

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