Can only view one SQL statement in Schema Modeler

We have a long-standing bug in the Schema Modeler whereby, if we view the manual SQL statement against a dataset, we can then not view the SQL statement for any other dataset, they all appear blank.

This concerns datasets with a manual SQL statement configured rather than AutoSQL.
The first statement we view is fine but any subsequent ones appear with a blank SQL tab. The mappings and preview tabs are fine.

We can select any dataset and they all exhibit this problem, with the exception of the first one we looked at. I’ve attached a small screen clip of the problem.

We are on (Delphi).
Has this problem ever been fixed or can it be as it’s exceedingly annoying?


I don’t believe this is a known issue, at least I have never heard of or seen it before. I will log an bug

So essentially, any schema where more than one table has a custom SQL statement, after viewing one, all others appear blank?

if I select back and forth between these two tables/statements, should I not see each’s SQL? if so, I cannot reproduce the issue — I must be misunderstanding the steps, or there must be more to it to trigger this. In case this is specific to your schema, could you send us the .daSchema file to support@?


Logged as bugs://D19332.


I can’t reproduce this issue with .1559:

Ok, maybe I’ll try upgrading and see if it’s fixed. It’s totally reproducible for us on multiple machines.

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The clip above shows the problem, this is in a totally fresh TDASchema I just created with two sample tables.

If I’d viewed the Contact table SQL first, that one would have been visible and not the Company one.

Whilst I don’t know if this has been fixed in the latest version yet, we experience this everywhere all the time so I’m amazed you’ve never encountered it.


Can you retest Schema Modeler from .1559 , pls?

I will do when I get a chance to upgrade.

I’ll be honest and say we’ve resisted upgrading from 1521 for a while because the last few times we’ve upgraded, we’ve encountered new issues which have cost us time to track down so we’ve been taking an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach.


I mean install .1559 to one of your develop pc where you have caught original issue.

Note: You can install DAD w/o sources in this case you will have new Schema Modeler and .1521 delphi sources

FTR the version oi tested with was on a production server and very old (1473). SO unless this broke since and then got fixed, both without us noticing, I doubt its an issue with the exact version, but rather some other external factor that breaks this (say OS version, .NET runtime version, etc).

That said, I can go and install .1521 on a test machine tube sure we can rule this out.

@tobygroves, do all other views work fine? it’s just the SQL Statement view that fails to show properly, and for all tables but the one it first one it was shown for? And that first one always shows fine consistently, as well, when going back to it?

This is very strange, to say the least ;).

What version/SKU of Windows and what .NET (4) runtime version are you on?

Yes, it’s just the SQL statement view that’s blank. Just means that, if we ever need to look at another statement, we have to close and re-open the Modeler.

And yes, the first SQL statement we view is fine, all others are then blank. Happens on every machine for every user for every TDASchema, every time. 100% reproducible.

Using Windows 10 with .NET 4.0.30319.
Delphi 10.2.3 Enterprise.

If it is specific to us then the other possibility is that one of the various other third-party tools we have installed into Delphi is causing the problem, as this would be common across all our installations but not necessarily for others.

The only way to prove that would be to re-install Delphi and RO afresh, check the problem doesn’t appear, then install all the other tools one by one. Alas I don’t have the time to do this right now.


as a temporary workaround, you can use Delphi Object Inspector for viewing SQL:

Could you see if this goes away if you upgrade to.NET 4.8? .NET 4.0 has been deprecated and unsupported by Microsoft for a long time, so this may well be a WPF bug.

Wow. 2016 :wink:

Actually I think I was on a more recent version of .NET 4 as I have been updating Windows fairly regularly.
I was just going on the folder name in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework which I don’t think is updated when new versions are installed.

I installed 4.8.1 anyway but no change.

:frowning: damn.

I finally got round to updating to and happy to report this issue appears to have gone away.

Will report back if it reappears but think we can put this one to bed.


Happy to hear that!

bugs://D19332 was closed as no changes required.