Cannot build Island.DelphiSupport (git) for Delphi 7

i tried to build a sample with the new Delphi (bpl) support for Delphi 7.
Unfortunately there are errors on compiling this from the git sources.
(Importing the SDK for Delphi 7 was successful)

Reproduced, will fix. This is odd, as it did compile fine last I checked a few weeks back…


Sorry, can’t’ still not compile
Island.DelphiSupport 1.bugreport.txt (11.7 KB)

Hm, weird, it’s fine here. Is this with a newly imported Delphi 7 SDK, or an older one?

It looks like something is broken wit the latest import for D7 (and only 7) that makes all members come thru as private. We’re investigating…

Fixed for next week’s build (not today’s .2881)