Cannot load dnssl.dll

Looking at the sample Delphi provided - specifically the Mega Demo. But when I run, getting the above error. What is the dll - where do I get it from?
(And if anyone knows much about openSSL and TLS, would love a small chat.)

Do you get a call stack for this error? I don’t believe this is our .dll, b ut it might be part of the OpenSSL stack for Windows…

No stack error … straight to this error. But yes, can believe part of OpenSSL. Will investigate. Thanks

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My colleague Eugene might have more ideas on Monday when he’s back from vacation.


this is a part of Bonjour (software) - Wikipedia

Looking at the stack, it seems to be with a RO unit.

I’m using a trail version of RO and Delphi 2007

Would be very grateful of any suggestions.


Install Apple’s Bonjour. it will solve this issue.

Can I ask why? Seems a random suggestion. This is running on Windows 10 … on a business PC.


Your original q was

dnssl.dll is a part of Bonjour. if you install Bonjour, this .dll will be loaded correctly and the ROZeroConf feature will work as expected.

Note: ROZeroConf is optional and the MegaDemo sample can work w/o it.
You can just ignore this error.

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that’s dnssd.dll, D vsd L?


So… by default and at least in part, RemObjects’ SDK depends on a 3rd party DLL that is owned by Apple Inc. and, as I’m developing a commercial program, I will need to sign a licensing agreement with to use? Does this strike anyone else as …strange!

But seeing it is optional is helpful - think I will be exploring this option.
Thank you.


We have used existing solution for the ROZeroConf feature instead of inventing bicycle.

This feature is optional and used only in two our samples:

ZeroConf, fwiw, is an open standard based on DNS. Apple’s Bonjour is just one (albeit the only prominent) implementation, our own ZeroConfHub is another.