Can't debug iOS App

Elements Version (develop) built on talax, 20180824-153949. Commit d393fc7.
Xcode Version is 9.4.1 (9F2000), macOS Version is 10.13.6 (17G65).

  • With Water, simulator launch the app that show the launch screen but no more.
    Debug console shows the message:
    Se produjo una excepción en el inicializador de tipo de ‘LLDB_SWIG.remobjects_lldbPINVOKE’.

  • If i open same solution in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, Output window shows the message:
    Failed to deploy to CrossBox Server Unsupported Toffee SubMode iOS 11.4

  • If i use Fire, simulator don’t has problems and shows the view after the launch screen.

Attached you have the solution
MiPrimeraApp.rar (1.1 MB)

I have to start developing an app for iOS and I would like to use Visual Studio and Oxygene, but I can not get the system going. I’ve lost a lot of time and there’s no way.

Maybe you should have an older version with Crossbox 1?

If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it.

Known bug in 2319, will be fixed for the next update (probably out today)

Hmm, that’s strange. Is that during build, or debug? What about Water?

No, we should be able to get to the ballot of this pretty easily, once we narrowed it down. That said, Fire should work for you later today, with .2321 out.

While this still is a bug on our end, in VS (will log), can you see if setting the SDK from

    <SDK>iOS 11.4</SDK>

to just


works around this? It seems that for some reason VS is passing the full SDK value as SubMode to the debug engine, instead of just “iOS”. that’s wrong, and thus fails.

Thanks, logged as bugs://80881

.2321 is up now

I have put Target SDK to iOs in VS and now the simulator is launched without problems. Although I am not sure that the breakpoints work in the debugger.

Tomorrow I will try more, including Water and Fire.
Its a bit late. Here are 1:30 AM.

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Water works well too with .2321

No problems with Fire .2321

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glad to hear!

bugs://80881 got closed with status fixed.