Can't download Elements with Water

(Kazantsev Alexey) #1

On page i selected “RemObjects Elements with Water -” but was redirected to downloading “…with Visual Studio”. How i can download “Elements with Water”?

(marc hoffman) #2


you can download Water from the licensed user download page at Unfortunately, while it’s sill in alpha/beta, we don’t offer Water as public trial download yet (while it’s useable, it doesn’t yet give quite the first impression and user experience for. first time user that is suitable for a trial).

That said, if you’re still evaluating or only interested in the free Silver edition, I’d be happy to give you access to the beta builds, with he above caveats. What’s your user name on


(Kazantsev Alexey) #3

Hm… I was thinks that all products in the “Stable channel” is accessed for trial downloading.

(marc hoffman) #4

.2249 itself is “stable”. Water is not yet.

(Kazantsev Alexey) #5

In that case the download page is very confused. Items of Stable channel is not marked as “license required” (as some items of Experimental channel) but in fact is required this… Confusion.

(marc hoffman) #6

Yes. is the official download page that newcomers, trial users and Free Silver users would end up on, normally. I don’t believe is even linked from anywhere, at this time.

(Kazantsev Alexey) #7

Welcome to Elements 10