Can't edit the wiki

(jpierce) #1

I can’t seem to edit the Oxygene language wiki after logging in. I can’t even edit my own user page.

(marc hoffman) #2

as designed, right now. we’re doing some restructuring. will be back up for editing soon.

(jpierce) #3

Okay, thanks. If you remember please drop a post here when it comes back.

(marc hoffman) #4

If you want to make changes you can do so at That’s a clone of the Oxygene Wiki that i’ve been working on over the past few weeks (its a full superset), later this mnth we’ll officially be switching this over to be the “live” one.

(jpierce) #5

Thanks for the update.

(Kevin Powick) #6

Will any other RO Wiki be getting some love soon?

Frankly, it’s quite tiresome to see near empty pages with date stamps well over a year old and a message to “bear with us” as fundamental wiki restructuring is going on.

(jeremy) #7

You got to admit though, the improvements in the amount of documentation now available compared to a few years ago is very impressive. Not before time mind you, but some of the new additions I think are superb.

(marc hoffman) #8

Our new docs sites are at

We’re actively working on both, moving content over and writing new content. The Elements one os progressed further (and thus that wiki already redirects), the DA one is making good progress too but not yet fully ported (which is while the old DA wiki is still live).