Can't extend Swift.Array more than once

Using Elements .2731 in Fire and VS2022.

Swift.Array can only be extended once. If I try to extend it twice (or in two/multiple files) I get a compile time error, unless I use an alias. This only happens in .NET, Android compiles fine. Test projects attached.

Test (461.0 KB)

FTR, your methods are missing bodies, so this should compile in neither .NET nor Android.

Logging both.

Logged as bugs://E25854. cannot declare two extensions

Logged as bugs://E25855. extension compiles with missing method body

Thanks. Sorry about missing brackets, I actually found this issue in my own code and forgot to add them when I was playing with test projects to upload here. Iā€™m glad my mistake served a purpose.

I (re)confirm that Android still compiles after adding body/brackets and .NET still fails.

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bugs://E25854 was closed as fixed.

bugs://E25855 was closed as fixed.

bugs://E25855 was reopened.

bugs://E25855 was closed as fixed.