Can't open project in Water, saying a nullable object must have a value


I have a Swift project, which reference a .net standard class project.

Opening the swift project in VS 2019 is fine, and works as expect.

However, open the same project in Water, fail.

The Chinese words mean a nullable object must have a value.

I would like to send you my project for debuging in private.


which build of Water? can i get the solution as a testcase? thanx!

Build 2409.

Yes, I can send you my solution. What is the email address for me to send? I don’t want to share the project on the forum. would be fine. thanx!

Just now sent, pleae check, thanks

Fixed for today’s upcoming build, thanx.

Just tried, the same project can be opened in Water now, thanks.

However, in water click debug-run, failed to debug. In VS2019 is OK.

The chinese means:

Value can not be null.
Parameter name: source