Change connection in relavitiy client

(gosummers) #1

I am using a Relativity client in a Delphi app. The schema has table definitions and multiple connections… simply saying there are two databases with with same structure. I need to be able to access both connections in the client application. How do I switch the connection in the client? I built the client using the sample in the Wiki.

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(vovanl) #2

Unfortunately, you can’t switch the connection in client.
You can fill Statements.Connection property for DataTables and Commands in Schema and Relativity will use corresponded connection for them automatically.

(gosummers) #3

So to do what I am trying to do, I would either have to:

1 - create a second schema that is identical to the first with the exception of the connection. When I do that if I follow the example of the Writing Relativity Client for Delphi, I would simply create two Remote Data Adapters, one for each schema.


2 - as you suggest, create separate objects for each corresponding connection. So if I have table a, con1 and con2, then in the schema on the relativity server I would have 2 data tables… table_a with con1, and table_a with con2, having set the connection property on the statements tab for each of those objects.

(vovanl) #4

In the second way you shouldn’t switch between two schemas so it’s easier to control objects.