Change RO Installation Folder as Relevant Folder

For the RO products on Delphi platform, right now, after installation, in Delphi Library setting, its path is saved as absolute, something like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects\RemObjects SDK for Delphi\Source\Synapse

Would it be possible to create an environmental variable within BDS, something like ROLIB, and have the library path as:
$(ROLIB)\RemObjects SDK for Delphi\Source\Synapse ?

I am not sure if this is my personal paranoid for being “organized”, but it would be nice that RO team would consider this suggestion.

I know I can do this manually to edit those absolute paths as relevant paths.
But every time I install new new RO version, the installer will create the absolute path again.
So it would be nice if the installer save relative paths directly.


we have this for Delphi7 that has limitation for path length.
Modern versions of delphi haven’t such limitation so we are using full paths.

Understand. Would it be possible to make this an option of the installer for the user to choose whether to install as relevant path or absolute path? That would be nice.

Thanks, logged as bugs://82716