Changes to server and channel components

I’ve just updated to v10 from v9 and am noticing changes with the servers/channels.

Firstly, I’m getting messages about TROIPHttpServer being deprecated and to use TROSynapseHTTPServer instead.

Secondly, checking the change log, I see mention of new TROTcpServer, TROSuperHTTPServer, TROSuperTcpServer and TROSuperTCPChannel, all saying they’re using “pure native socket APIs”.

Where is the detail on these changes? How do I know what changing to these new servers and channels will offer in terms of performance or stability? Without any further information, I can’t make an informed decision about whether to use these new channels or stay with what I’m using now (Synapse).


this change was described at Breaking Changes article.

We have normalized names of servers/channels: all Indy-based channels use Indy and all Synapse-based channels use Synapse instead of IP in name of channel.

You can still use you favorite channel - we haven’t removed them, just have changed a channel name according to above rule.

New socket channels work on all supported platforms (Windows/MacOS/Android/Linux) and have SSL support. performance is about the same as in another channels.