Changing HTTP API parameter names

Is it possible to use the custom attributes to change the parameter names in the HTTP API? In my “old” functions I tended to have quite descriptive parameters. But http calls go with a simpler short name for parameters. It would be good to be able to define an alternative name for existing interface parameters.

no, this isn’t supported yet

Further to this, I’m also having an issue with body parameter names.

Whereas query or path parameters simply take the name of the parameter (which the OP wanted to change), with body parameters, the name is constructed by concatenating the service name and method name with ‘Request’ on the end of it. This is not only cumbersome but often, if the exposed API endpoints simplify the underlying service methods, exposes complexity that makes little sense to the user.

How hard would it be to add an attribute to allow the name to be configured?


we will review this case.
currently, you can modify schema in TROHttpApiDispatcher.OnSchemaComplete event.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84265