Changing service name


I wanted to change my RO Service name so I have:

  • Changed the name of the executable
  • In the project file, changed the values of the ROStartService call

Now when I change the name of the
const __ServiceName

in the _Impl file, it gives me an error. What should I do next?



Can you specify what technology you are using: RODL-based or CodeFirst-based servers?
CodeFirst-based servers should be renamed w/o any issues

RODL Based.



what error you have received?

on client-side it works as expected with

  RORemoteService.ServiceName := 'MyService'; // <<< specify custom service name
  ShowMessage(DateTimeToStr((RORemoteService as INewProjectService).GetServerTime));

Ok found it, I did not change the RORemoteService.ServiceName