Changing the collation of a field in a sql table results in a DA server error

i was changing the collation of some name fields to _AI instead of _AS
but as soon as i run a query on that table DA throws an error saying that it detected a collation error
running the same query in sql studio does work
so what is the reason behind this?
and how do i solve this?
since i don’t see how to slip the collation into the query itself using DynWhere
and i’m not sure i want that considering the performance impact



What platform (Delphi or .NET) and driver (ADO, SDAC, MSSQL.NET, etc) are you using?



Can you show DDL for table that causes error.

according to Fields options Collation - Devart Forums , you may have to declare such fields as nvarchar instead of varchar

Table structure you mean?

Verstuurd mobiel


yes. I’ll try to reproduce this case locally

ah nvarchar …
ours are varchar
will see if that helps…

so if i change a varchar field to nvarchar, using SDAC, do i need to recreate the DAschema strong typed fielddefs?
i guess not since the string type is already widestring?


original issue was with SDAC and not with DA :slight_smile:
You can recreate files and compare both files…