download the solution here

open ProjectPegasusOOPrism
to compile


Hmm. 1.38GB does not make a good test case. the compiler team is gonna yell; at me if I log this.

we’ll need something more self-contained, sorry.

I sent necessary assemblies. can i remove it?

I made a simple application too, one to send to the other post windows…4 but in the simple application the suppression works well

Ideally if you can reproduce this in a single project without external dependencies, or maybe only a single third party .dll (if the issue is specific t that, which I cannot imagine it would be).

Reference ‘NFeUtil’ could not be resolved for target ‘Echoes’ (Echoes .NET anycpu).

I isolated a project, you can download it again. unfortunately I can’t create a simple project, it’s 113mb, it’s on the same link

Got it. which project should I build? i;m trying ProjetoPegasusOOPrism.sln and it failing on NFeUtil.dll, which is nowhere in the zip.

in this solution that I sent now, there is only one PegasusServer project

I included in this last one

Ah, I didn’t realize it changed twice. i had gotten the 134mb version :wink:

sorry, I actually sent it 2x, I thought you didn’t notice the one from 134

Reproduced (w/o VS and MSBuild too, so that eliminates one layer of indirection).

Project has


which is redundant, but fine. the first one does work to suppress it in my simple test proj.

I also found the 2 tags strange, but I didn’t edit them manually,

in my simple project the first one also works for me, already expediting to use the 2, or with one of them, and it didn’t work

Something in the migration, it shouldn’t be an issue, though normally setting the value IN VS should remove then old one *if present) and add the new one.

That;s not the issue though. i I copy this into my test project as is, it still works correctly.

Logged as bugs://E26147.

You override SuppressWarnings in the per-user settings in the .user file

bugs://E26147 was closed as no change required.

I understand, it worked.

I just didn’t understand how the 2 files were divergent, but I’ll make the correction manually

Yeah, settings are not cumulative between levels. Each more detailed eleven totally replaces the previous (Project < Configuration < User). The value in User wins.

In fairness, before my fix to the Settings screen, this might not have bene readily visible in the IDE.