Chinese character display error


(RemObjects) #21

Thanks, logged as bugs://77645

(RemObjects) #22

bugs://77645 got closed with status fixed.

(EvgenyK) #23

pls update uDABin2DataStreamer.pas:

procedure TDABin2DataStreamer.ReadField(const AField: TDAField;
  const aFieldPropertiesCount: integer);
    sValue := Bin2_ReadUTF8StringFromStream(Data);;
    sAnsiValue := sValue;

(linqx) #24

When schema have some Chinese characters and length is odd,on GetSchema get exception‘Cannotload XML document.Reason:…’.
but when length is even,Getschema is no problem.
correctly schema
Get schema
in the version are correct.
in the varsion are incorrect.

(Meiqingxin) #25


(EvgenyK) #26

can you rewrite in english, pls?