Chinese character display error


(Meiqingxin) #1

i set the da field’s “display label” by Schema Modeler, but it display messy code in client

(EvgenyK) #2

what delphi version you are using? old non-unicode versions of delphi may display unicode chars incorrectly.
can you post your display label here as text ? I’ll try to reproduce it

(Meiqingxin) #3

Delphi XE10.1 display label such as “中文”

(EvgenyK) #4

I can’t reproduce this issue:

(Meiqingxin) #5

can you give me your demo

(EvgenyK) #6 (112.8 KB)

(Meiqingxin) #7

(EvgenyK) #8

what version of DAD you are using? latest RTM?

(Meiqingxin) #9

RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi, Server Edition -

(EvgenyK) #10

the same version of DAD:

(Meiqingxin) #11

I don’t know where the problem is, but the results in the previous version are correct

(EvgenyK) #12

try to update table schema on client-side.
Can you confirm that column name is specified correctly in Object Inspector?

(Meiqingxin) #13

(EvgenyK) #14

as for me, this is the same as you have in runtime:

so it works as expected.

if you like to use 中文, just specify it here

(Meiqingxin) #15

However, I do not want to specify a field at design time, i fetch data by “refreshfromserver”, and automatically fill to DBGrid

(EvgenyK) #16

can you refresh table schema at client-side? looks like it was incorrectly stored in .dfm sometime

(Meiqingxin) #17

the .dfm file seems to be no problem

(Meiqingxin) #18

i think it occurs on the server side

(EvgenyK) #19

can you create a simple testcase that demonstrates this case, pls?

  • field header of some table should have some Chinese characters at server-side
  • client-side after pressing Retrieve DataTable schema unable to retrieve these characters correctly

(Meiqingxin) #20

VCLApplication.rar (3.1 MB)