Chromium based UI for Island?

I saw the Recipe now import CEF. Does this mean we are going to have CEF-based UI?

Right now it just means you can reference the project to easily use/embed Chromium in your Island project, without having to import it yourself… :wink:

But those code are C++ code - now we can mix C++ ?

No. I’m not familiar with the code base, but I’m assuming the external API is pure C, else we would not be able it import it.

We’ve always been able to use C++ binaries, what we don’t support is access to the C++ object mode from Island (I’d log that as a feature suggestion, but I think C++ is way to convoluted/complex for it to be a feasible option to expose C++ objects Island side, the way we do Objective-C and (soon) Swift).

Only C-level APIs can be imported and called from Island code, but those C APIs can be implemented to call C ++ code internally — I assume, without having looked at it, that that’s what the Chromium APIs do. @ck will be able to answer this better, Monday.

@mh Thank you. Yes C++ is too complex to be worthy of inter-op with Island (it is still progressing quickly with C++20 standard soon). I personally don’t see the real need

But it is definitely a great idea if we could use CEF in Island. I think that would be a REALLY REALLY great UI solution for Island. I am all in for it.

This is the automatically generated c interface of cef yes. Cef has both a c++ and c interface that supposedly expose the same thing. Ive imported the c one and once I get to it I’ll probably get to try and write a sample of it.

One huge problem with c++ is also that it’s not stable abi wise. Between different vs versions, different platforms, the layout of structures, classes, the names of methods don’t match internally at all.

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