Client Blazor/ASP.NET Core and Server in Delphi

Hi RO Team,

I have been a very happy customer since 17 years and never has the choice been happier and more appropriate! My every development is based on RO/DA/HY!
I develop mainly in delphi but now on the client side I am starting to develop in .NET (ASP.NET core) and Blazor. Precisely for this reason I would need to know if there is a client-only DataAbstract license for .NET Core. This is because I have many server services developed in Delphi on which I have to create web frontends and I don’t need to purchase a full license. It’s possible?

Hi Claudio,

That makes me happy to hear!

Hmm, that’s a good question! :thinking:

We don’t really have any client-only SKUs, but since all five platforms of DA cost the same, and only Delphi and .NET include server support, we really think of it more as that’s the rice for DA, and you happen to get server support for free with it, if you get DA/.NET ;).

I think since you’re currently on the Suite for Delphi, your best option would be up up-new to the Full Suite; the price difference between that ($1499) and your current renewal ($799) is actually less than DA/.NET along ($999). As extra bonus, if you do up-renew right now, since your current subscription is still good for almost a year, you’d get almost two years of DA/.NET out of the renewal, as it would extend to April 2024. Not to mention, you also (whether you need them now or not) get all the other DA platforms and you also get Elements :wink:

Does that sound fair/good?

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Hi Marc

So with $ 700 you are offering me almost 2 years of .NET (and Elements) right? In April 2023 I upgrade my Delphi subscripton and in April 2024 I upgrade all (Delphi and .NET). Right?

sound very great!

Basically. You’d renew a full Suite now (for $1499), and then you’re set with everything until April 2024.


Please note that atm only the server Blazor is supported.

Client Blazor as a platform is very limited in .NET 6. Main issue is that it does not provide and multithreading, which makes it really hard to port Remoting SDK or Data Abstract there.

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Just as a side note: Microsoft Won’t Do Drag-and-Drop for Blazor
though it can still be done via JavaScript interop.

Hi Antonk

thank for your info. Hmm Blazor Server is great but in .NET core 6 has some problem when deployed in a docker container. This limitation should be addressed with .NET core 7.

I need to do some more in-depth tests. Download the trial version and let you know

Thank you very much!

That’s what I hear, yes. .NET 7 should ship in November, and previews are already available. Is that timeline sufficient for you?