ClientChannel.ChannelMatchingTargetUri returns wrong clientChannel when serverChannel is IpSuperHttpServerChannel


When using ClientChannel.ChannelMatchingTargetUri(this._serverUrl) to create a new clientChannel, a wrong type is returned when the serverChannel is a IpSuperHttpServerChannel. It returns a normal IpHttpClientChannel instead of a IpSuperHttpClientChannel.

Error: “RemObjects.SDK.Exceptions.InvalidStreamException: 'Invalid BinMessage signature found”.

If we change the code to manually create a IpSuperHttpClientChannel everything works fine.

Can you look into this please?

Thank you.

This can happen in the case you use url like “http://localhost:8099/bin” or “https://localhost:8099/bin” to access your superhttp server. As you can see it uses the same schema ( http ) as simple http channels do.

Try to use “superhttp://localhost:8099/bin” or “superhttps://localhost:8099/bin” instead

Thanks @antonk