Cliente NET CORE 2.0 with server delphi 10.2 Rem Object is this possible?

(GotoCampus) #1

I have a server in delphi tokyo.

I managed to connect the net core 2.0 client to a Delphi server and I received the data by the SDK correctly.
I have a problem trying to access the data by RemoteDataAdapter.Fill

clientConnection.RemoteDataAdapter.Fill(dsCareerPlan, “View_SA_Classrooms”, vTableRequestInfo);

How can I solve that?

Visual Studio 2017 Cliente NET CORE 2.0
Version Rem Objects: RemObjects Data Abstract for .NET,

(antonk) #3

.NET Core is supported as a client platform via .NET Standard 2.0 client assemblies.

Note: In one of the next releases .NET Core will be also supported as a server platform as well.

However your code won’t work. You have referenced assemblies that target the full .NET Framework platform. Such code will compile, but it is not guaranteed to work.

You have to reference assemblies from the .NET Standard subfolder. Also you’ll have to use DA LINQ to access the server (the DataTable-based RemoteDataAdapter adapter is not available in the .NET Std-targeted assemblies) or you’ll need to wait for some time until the next release’s Beta will be available containing a separate .NET Core-targeted build of Data Abstract.

(antonk) #4

To access Delphi-built server using DA LINQ you need to set the UseDynamicWhere property of your data adapter to true. This setting will allow the data adapter to use DynamicWhere expressions instead of DA SQL statements to query data from the server.