Cocoa datCurrency Error on post

Dear All,
When I using DADatatableController with binding to a NSString. with datCurrency Field when I apply to remove server (custom Delphi server) Xcode raised error as:
[General] -[__NSCFNumber decimalNumberByMultiplyingByPowerOf10:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x600000da49a0
but if I change it to datDecimal it works fine,
that means should I change all currency fields to decimal?


I’m looking at the code now, and this method is used for Currency type fields and parameters, which, on Cocoa, use the NSDecimalNumber class to represent their value. Where does the value you are storing come from? could it be that you are accidentally putting an NSNumber type into the field?

I was using money field type on ms sql server, now I had modified to decimal type it works fine. but just want to know if you will fix this problem later…

Well, right now I don’t know what the problem is ;). how do you fill the value the it fails on? can I see a tetscase?

The error you describe is expected if you out the wrong kind of value init the field.