Code completion in shared projects

Should it be working in shared projects ? In a shared project I’m working in, it says not available.


You need to select which’s project’s context iowan to work in, by right-clicking the file or the project. See “Working with Code in Shared Projects” in

This UI will probably evolve over time to be more discoverable.


I would also like to mention I think shared projects are awesome. For another project I’m working on I had used static libraries, when I get back to the project I think I’m going to convert that to use a shared project as well.

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I can’t figure out how to make CC work consistently in shared projects.

I opened the Calculator example and tried typing “Sugar.” into the editor and CC works. But in my own project, with “work in” specified, no CC pops up.

What’s the trick to get CC to work every time?

It SHOULD just work, every time :(.

At the top right of the file in VS, make sure you select which project you want code completion in.

Not working. Here’s a screencast, maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong :smile:

Strange, on both issues. can you send me the project, so i can see if i can reproduce this? FWIW, if you get “nothing to complete” opposed to “please select project”, it means that it does properly use the CC engine — just that it reports back that there’s no item sot show. So probably not related to shared projects per se, but to something in the exact code that CC doesn’t like. Does the project compile ok?

Compiles fine. Link to project sent. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong :smile:

I also have this problem - but I noticed that I can add a reference to it by adding a platform project. It then gives platform specific namespaces in the code completion, which is not what I want - but it also shows the rtl namespace.

…Why am I restricted to work in in platform, if I write shared code…?

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 11.01.17

I would expect None to give me code completion to write generic code?

It seems you are supposed to reference by file, from the shared project?: oxygene - remobjects c# share code between classes - Stack Overflow
I don’t understand why the option of adding platform specific project to the shared project pops up though…?

The following blog says the following about SharedProject:

In essence, a Shared Project is just a dumb container for files that will be part of multiple projects. You can either add the same code file(s) to multiple projects, or you can put them in a Shared Project, and have the “real” projects reference the shared one – pulling in all the files.

This is working as designed. You need to be in a specific project to have Code Completion.

It would be great if I could write pure RTL in isolation

I’m afraid that’s not possible.