Code first .net server with delphi rodl based/code first clients - howto?

Good morning,

Knowing about different event handling depending if rodl based or code first on this article:
we’ve decided to rewrite the server side with .net.

So in future we will have a .net server, old Rodl based Delphi clients and new (code first) Delphi clients.
Certainly we would like to design the new .net server with code first. But reading all in the linked topic - this seems not possible because of the different event handling? Is it the same with a .net server that event writer stuff has to handled differently depending what kind of client is consuming the service? If so is it possible to somehow mix rodl based (old clients) and code first (new clients) on .net server side? What is the best approach to design something like this?

Thanks for any help

Edit: some more info: old rodl based clients are made with Delphi XE2 and RO

Edit2: I just (re-)read your comment in the linked topic. I probably got you wrong last time. You wrote:

it doesn’t matter for client-side what server type is used. so you can migrate to CodeFirst w/o any issues, except you have to update code that send events

So this means it should work like this anyway? Nevertheless what kind of client is using the service? If so you can delete this post.


the same client can work with both types of server-side because they serialize data equally.
difference is only on server-side